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We would highly recommend them to any healthcare facility!

Our hospital has been using the Isolation Door Caddies for all our Isolation patients for 2 ½ years now and we have been very satisfied with them. The best advantage we observed was how they prevent the clutter extra space needed from our old method of placing all the needed supplies on a rolling cart or table outside the patient’s room. The staff love that they are so neat and organized and make every different type of PPE so easy to find. The Doctors especially love that there are pockets for 3 different sizes of gloves so they don’t have to go and hunt for the size they need. ( this was a common complaint from them before we began using the Iso-caddies) In a nutshell, we all think they are one of the best inventions since sliced bread We would highly recommend them to any healthcare facility!

- Leslie P., RN, Infection Preventionist, Atlanta, Ga.

We have cut our hospital acquired CDI cases by more than half!

I am proud to report we have cut our hospital acquired CDI cases by more than half. I would like to attribute part of this to having an IsoDoorCaddy for every room and the ease of use. We have everything we need to help keep the room clean and the patients safe. Thank you for making a great product.

- Roger B., ICU Manager, Benefits Health System

The team members raved about the quality.

Last week when I picked up our sample of new isolation caddy and took it out of the box- everyone stopped me in the hallways to look at your product. The team members raved about the quality, the glove box holders with identification, the pathogen resistant quality and mesh material. You would have been impressed with the comments.

- Sandy D., Infection Preventionist, Orlando, Fl.

My staff is so impressed with this caddy!

Our compliance is 100% because the caddy is so easy to access.

- Darryl S., Infection Prevention Manager, Des Moines. IA

Thanks for making a great product!

Not only do the nursing staff like it, our patient’s family and visitors have commented on it as well. One visitor asked if she could have one to take home.

- Melissa C., RN, CIC, St. Petersburg, FL

We had a similar, but not as well made door caddy before we saw this caddy.

We could not be more pleased with how it looks and how it performs.

- Leslie B., Infection Control Specialist, San Francisco, CA

My staff received the trial and they were so impressed

My staff received the trial and they were so impressed with how well made it is that we placed our order right away. We will not be using carts any longer. This is so much easier.

- Joseph M., Director of Infection Prevention, Syracuse, NY

The compact IsoDoorCaddy is a durable and space-saving alternative to bulky isolation carts.

No issues to report or replacements needed after two high-volume years of use. Great product!

- Belinda M., Infection Preventionist, Brownsville TX

Our compliance is now at 100%!

We had hard plastic caddies on the door that were heavy that the staff said were too heavy and hard to clean. Our compliance was not good. We replaced them with the IsoDoorCaddy Classic on each patient’s door and our compliance is now at 100%!

- Steven S., Infection Control and Prevention, El Dorado, AR